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Dima Kolosov

June 2024 Highlights: vacation, festivals and more

June started with preparations for vacation and then vacation itself. 3-day Rock im Park in Nürnberg, a quick trip to Dortmund (not the best time here as they were preparing for the Euro Cup), and finished trip in Helsinki.

Week at home, and here we go again: a new trip, this time to Arsenal Fest in Kragujevac.

Besides this: meetings with friends, cinema, stand-up in English, etc…

Recommended PICO-8 games

At first — what is PICO-8?

PICO-8 is a virtual machine and game engine created by Lexaloffle Games. Games are written based on LUA language, you can play in browser or natively. “Cartridges” are png-files.

The most important difference in development is the token limit (8192). Tokens are variables, operators, etc. Thus, developers often have to be creative, plus the games are short (if they are not roguelikes).

Movie 2022

From July 12 I started to film year movie. It was an idea in the my mind corner for a some time. I knew about all these “1 Second a Day” movies, and Timur Zarudny constantly mentioned his movies (he’s been shooting since 2013). He even released a course (as newsletter), but then 2022 happened, popular mailing services left Russia, and only recently Timur relaunched his course. I thought about purchasing for a few hours, then paid for it. I wanted something new and interesting.

There are several formats of such movies, the most well-known is to film one second each day, which I already mentioned. I think, it’s the simplest one, with numerous apps available to ease the process of shooting and editing.

Initially, I planned to do the same, but I also made a 2-second version for comparison. And after getting some feedback from my friends I decided to stick with this format. There are multiple episodes on some days, so the rules are flexible. The limitation helped maintain a rhythm and reduced editing complexity.