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Dima Kolosov

About me

Hi, I’m Dima.

Photo of me from 2019

2019 year, in another life…

I live in Novi Sad (Serbia), moved here from Moscow.

Work as a team lead / backend developer (PHP), but I started with QA, automated things, lead the team, and then decided to go another path. I even managed to supervise some developers but decided to get some technical background to make more accurate decisions.

In my spare time, I play on PS5 and Nintendo Switch. I love board games, favorites are “Gloomhaven” and “Terraforming Mars”. I read sci-fi and non-fiction, bought a bigger tablet specifically for reading comics and graphic novels.

Big fan of live music, hundreds of gigs behind and more awaits! Metal, rock, blues and any other good music.

I also love tinkering with blog, you know, all these slash pages, some design improvements and so on (anything not to write a new post 😅).

I can be found almost everywhere on Internet as mitrichius, but almost all places are abandoned or read-only (except this one).

My projects

This blog (English and Russian)

Write about anything I find interesting.

Year movies

Make movies of the year, watch here.

Anubis — theme for my blog (no longer maintained)

Github | Demo

The minimalistic theme for Hugo static site generator. Fast, lightweight, with JS for only specific optional features. You can read more in the post.

WishlistJS - pure JS application for publishing personal wishlist (not in active development)

Github | Demo

A lightweight page for publishing wishlist with configuration via JSON. Written in pure JS, without backend. You can read more in post.

P.S. Blog powered by Hugo, theme is customised Anubis.