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Dima Kolosov

Anubis — theme for Hugo

Anubis is a blog theme for Hugo static website generator. It’s one of my pet projects.

Current degisn

Current design

UPD. Anubis is no longer maintained, more info.

You can see the theme on this blog and also in the Hugo Theme Catalog..

I’ve run several blogs on different platforms and using different generators. I wasn’t satisfied with the available themes, so I would take any minimalist one as a basis and modify it. Sometimes I took theme for one generator and adapted it for another.

But the last time, when I gave up on Ghost and switched to static generator, I decided to make a theme from scratch and support it like a real pet project.

Of course, I took someone else’s theme to see how things worked and where to start. But now I rework the theme from scratch and did it the way I wanted and as far as my knowledge of HTML/CSS allowed.

I wanted the theme to be:

  • content-first;
  • fast and minimalistic;
  • with dark theme support;
  • with categorization (ideally, tags);
  • with archive, including categories/tags.

The current version of Anubis is 1.2.x, whatever that means. The list of features in addition to the standard ones (pagination, tags, archive):

  • dark theme in several modes (auto depending on the system, with and without switching to light);
  • i18n;
  • favorite posts;
  • social icons;
  • Disqus, ISSO, comment systems;
  • Hidden posts;
  • Custom CSS/JS;
  • pagination to the next post;
  • and many other features.

This pet project definitely wouldn’t have developed as much without real users. When I thought it was safe to say that the theme had become “1.0,” I added it to the official Hugo theme directory. And people started to use it - reporting bugs and sending fixes, asking for new features and implementing them, translating the theme into other languages.

New stars and forks on Github also motivated me.

Now the speed of development is slower than before, but I’m still improving the theme. In this pet project I found the perfect formula for me: develop what you use yourself and what other people use too. Yes, maybe the user base is not so big (according to starts and google results), but it’s still cool and means so much to me. Thank you.