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Dima Kolosov

English blog as default

I have a multilingual blog, and most of the time it was Russian by default. Once I switched it to English, but soon after, I reworked the whole concept and reverted things back. And now I’ve done it again.

So, what’s the reason? Is there something wrong with my Russian (heh)? There is no simple answer.

There is such a thing as small web, indie web, you name it. From IndieWeb page:

The IndieWeb is a people-focused alternative to the “corporate web”. It is a community of independent and personal websites.

And this is the thing that I love. Unfortunately, internet going to opposite direction, with closed protocols, enshittification, government regulations, prevailing hatred and sarcasm and other bad things.

But there are people who also like this idea of small web, independency and blogging. I think they all understand that dream of the entire internet being like this is just a dream. However, besides that dream, there is a reality created by these people. And I want to join it.

So, how is this all connected to english site by default? Ok, now simple answer: most of these people are blog in english, even if it’s not their native language.

P.S. I also read some blogs in Russian, but many of them are half-dead or not updated at all. Many people use telegram with its channels as a platform for writing (or Instagram, which is worse). I don’t like this idea, although I have a channel too, but it’s more for updates for friends. Important things go to the blog.