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Dima Kolosov

Tag: pet-projects

Movie 2022

From July 12 I started to film year movie. It was an idea in the my mind corner for a some time. I knew about all these “1 Second a Day” movies, and Timur Zarudny constantly mentioned his movies (he’s been shooting since 2013). He even released a course (as newsletter), but then 2022 happened, popular mailing services left Russia, and only recently Timur relaunched his course. I thought about purchasing for a few hours, then paid for it. I wanted something new and interesting.

There are several formats of such movies, the most well-known is to film one second each day, which I already mentioned. I think, it’s the simplest one, with numerous apps available to ease the process of shooting and editing.

Initially, I planned to do the same, but I also made a 2-second version for comparison. And after getting some feedback from my friends I decided to stick with this format. There are multiple episodes on some days, so the rules are flexible. The limitation helped maintain a rhythm and reduced editing complexity.